Alagille Syndrome: Symptoms, Treatment and Medical Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding India industry began taking medical causes under its wing when experts realized that funding for healthcare solutions was in high demand. Patients with conditions like Leukemia, liver disease, kidney failure and so on are in high numbers across the country. Nearly all of these patients are in dire need of an affordable and risk-free solution to help pay their medical bills, which may come up to Rs 20-25 lakh.

A condition that affects few people in India, but leaves definite scars is the Alagille syndrome. A genetic condition that cannot be prevented, Alagille syndrome attacks multiple organs, including the liver, heart, eyes and kidneys. While symptoms and severity can vary starkly between patients according to their genetics, there are some surefire signs you can look out for.

Symptoms and Signs

The most common symptoms make their appearance in the first three months after the affected child is born. Yellowing skin, poor weight gain, jaundice and blockage of the flow of bile from the liver are the symptoms you’re most likely to note in a patient. Additional signs that may appear include heart murmurs and congenital heart defects. Often, patients also display distinctive facial features like a pointed chin and a broad forehead.

Since the syndrome affects so many organs, it may be difficult to diagnose it at first. Liver disease was known to make its appearance in patients during the first few months until doctors later discovered that this wasn’t true; patients displayed the disease in different ways, even within the same family.

Treating Alagille Syndrome

Medical crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru have seen parents raising funds for their affected children. The treatment procedure usually differs from patient to patient, depending on the extent to which they display symptoms. The condition is treated by tackling each symptom. Heart and kidney symptoms are treated in the standard manner, often through surgical procedures. Though dietary treatment is also an option, many children and infants do not respond well to these and need surgical intervention.

These procedures can cost anything from Rs 10-25 lakh. Most Indian households, especially in rural areas, may never earn such a large amount in their entire lives, let alone be able to spare it for one individual’s medical care. This leaves them with no option but to look for loans or even worse, ignore the condition. In the recent past, however, a new solution rose.

Medical Crowdfunding

Last year, 5,000 patients turned to Impact Guru’s medical crowdfunding platform alone to pay for their medical bills. Crowdfunding India is a safe, risk-free option as anyone can begin raising funds for free, and remain free of the burden of payback. The whole process takes place online, and disbursement of funds is done as soon as the patient chooses to close the campaign. Platforms have seen patients managing to raise lakhs of rupees in a single day from friends, family, colleagues and even strangers.

If you know someone struggling to raise funds for their medical treatment, turn to crowdfunding today!


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