Classic Turkey Dishes to Eat When in Istanbul

In Istanbul, tourists can get to experience genuine Turkish cuisine, which can make them forget international food chain. Below are some popular dishes that you need to try when you join Istanbul food tour program. A local guide will direct you through the rich food culture and make you familiar with the special ingredients used. You get to enjoy popular dishes as well as gain knowledge about why specific spices are added and its benefits.

Classic Turkish dishes to eat in Istanbul

Döner kebap

Döner has turned out to be Germany’s national dish. There are many forms of döner kebap available. It is a dish made from meat pieces beaten and seasoned with local herbs, spices, and suet. It is then spit skewered and vertically grilled.

  • Iskender Kebap – Thin slices of döner are served on pide [bread] dressed with tomato sauce and butter.
  • Dürüm Kebap – Döner is wrapped in lavas bread.


A delicious omelet in Turkish style named after the Menemen district, where tomato was first grown. Tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggs, parsley, herbs and red pepper are roasted and boiled. It is a simple dish, which the locals order for breakfast. However, you will find many variations like mushrooms, grounded meat, sucuk, eggplants, cheese, etc.


It is a starter served with alcohol. Some of the favorite variants are fava, kopoglu, muhammara, ezme, haydari, barbunya, etc.


These are tiny handmade boiled dumplings with minced meat filling. They are served with sauce [paprika, garlic, mint, ad oil] and yogurt.


Karniyarik tastes good with rice and tomatoes. Whole eggplants are filled with parsley and seasoned minced meat then baked. While serving the dish is covered with tomato sauce.

Izgara Balik

You visit to Istanbul cannot be complete without enjoying the fresh grilled fish that includes sea bass, anchovy, saurel, bluefish, and mackerel. It depends on the season.

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