Precautions to take while buying a Car online

People are often so excited about buying their car, for some it may be a first car and for some, they may be buying car for second or fifth time. This excitement is but natural for any person to feel but one should take not get too carried away with that excitement. Most people are hooked onto Internet and have all their communications on whatsapp or emails or messengers.

The markets for used cars are large and the price of used car in Bangalore is also economical. For selling online, they publish their vehicles online on different portals then the prospective buyers start searching for the cars they want to buy and in the meantime also start communicating with the sellers. Here are some of the things to keep in mind, before finalizing the car buying deals online:

  1. Never pay money in advance or offline, settle money after having the car in your possession.
  2. Meet the car owner in public in daylight with people around, you can also take someone with you, who you trust and one who can inspect the car well.
  3. Never carry big money with you while going to buy the car. Even, if you have found the seller online, you have to make use of offline mode to make the payment. Demand draft or cheques are the safe methods.
  4. Directly deal with the owner of the car, always complete your transaction in the presence of original owner.
  5. Get full ownership of the vehicle like the finance papers, servicing and insurance records, get every small detailed report of the car from the owner. As a new owner, you need to have all documents of car that would otherwise be given to a new car owner too.

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