5 Tips Every Parent Must Know When Choosing A School For Their Child

Today, finding the best school for your child is nerve-wracking. The education budgets are regularly slashed in the US, making most parents skeptical about education quality. Most of us are thinking about alternative options for homeschooling, online schools and private schools GA

So how do you decide which school is best for your child and how do you choose? Check out the following tips.

Teacher Student Relationship 

In any school, the connection between teachers and students is more important than the curriculum. Before going to school, your child is accustomed to having loving people around him or her 24/7. Once they set foot in school, they need that connection. In any case, they will be spending the better part of the day interacting with other children and teachers.

To observe this, have a conversation with teachers about their current classroom. A good teacher should be able to speak candidly about their students. They should know their strengths, weaknesses, background, academic performance, interest and emotions. Most importantly, they are proud of their students.

Power of Words 

In early years in school, your child must have unlimited access to words. Words come in the form of books in the classroom. How many books do they have in the library? Do teacher have enough time for reading, storytelling and reading instructions? Do they provide learning building blocks for kindergarten and preschool?

Don’t Focus on Test Scores Only 

Good test scores depict that a school is doing well academically. However, it may imply that teaching to the test implementation is emphasized. Standardized tests only cover a third of the entire curriculum. Schools that focus on teaching to the test limit students tremendously.

Drop the competition mentality and request of desegregated test results that show over the performance of all students. If you notice performance has improved, especially on hard to teach students, ask why. A thoughtful answer speaks a thousand words.

Recess is Important 

Aerobic exercise is essential for keeping fit and healthy. Studies have also shown that recess improves cognitive functioning, and therefore enhances learning. The school must have playgrounds. Avoid schools without playgrounds. Instructional learning without downtime is not suitable for any child irrespective of whether its kindergarten, middle school or high school.

Teachers Welfare Matter 

We all agree that even a super teacher is unable to eradicate poverty on students. However, a brilliant teacher accelerates the rate of learning. Outstanding schools support great teachers. They help them grow careers through the provision of mentorships and discussions on best educational practices.

As a parent do not shy away from asking the following questions:

  • How do you evaluate teachers?
  • Have your teachers received additional training this year?
  • How do you monitor lessons?

If you are a parent searching for private schools GA, always have an open mind when it comes to educating your child. Choose a school that offers more than tests but builds your child all-round. Get in touch with Mount Paran Christian School today!

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