Clenbuterol – Working, Dosage, And Potential Side Effects On Human Body

Clenbuterol most commonly known as clen is a sympathomimetic amine is very often used by people belonging to sports and athletic fields. Clen does not belong to anabolic-androgenic steroid and so is used at the end of post-cycle therapy (PCT) or as a fat burning component in the cutting stack.  Clen is used both by male and female as it is an effective energy enhancer, suppresses appetite and increase the speed of metabolism in the body.

Mechanism and functioning of clen

Clen has a direct impact on sympathetic nervous system. Autonomic functions of the body on which does not work in accordance with our free will are related with sympathetic nervous system. Some of these functions include heart and breathing rate, digestion, metabolism activity.

As sympathetic nervous system has a direct impact on these vital functions in the body; clen is taken for thermogenic effects, for increasing the rate of metabolism, enhancing energy in the body. It accelerates the heart beat, which indirectly increases the pumping of blood through veins and arteries and thus increases the supply of oxygen and all the essential nutrients to all the cells in the body and also supply oxygen in the body.

One major function of clen is that it acts as a bronchodilator and is found in medication to treat asthma and many other lung related disorders. The other functions of clen include:  increase synthesis of proteins, helps in building anabolic tissue, helps in protecting muscle cells from any kind of harm and increases the supply of oxygen in the body, as well as enhances stamina and patience power.

Dosage of clen

Taking doses of clen depends on its milligram strength, PCT cycle, clen combination with other drugs and presence of growth hormones. Common doses for men is about 60-140mcg per day and for women optimum dose is 40 mcg to 120 mcg per day.

Most common cycle for taking clen drug is two days on and two days off cycle or the same can be done for two or three weeks at a stretch.

Side effects of clen

Clen was used by many actors because they felt that there are no severe side effects associated with clen when taken at the end of cycle since it is not an anabolic-androgenic drug. But some serious side effects associated clen are as follows:

  • Increasing the rate heart beat and putting stress on cardiac muscle
  • Causing arrhythmia (irregular heart beat)
  • Increasing the rate of breathing and

It can lead to tremble in small muscles in the body causing shakiness and agitation.

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