Enjoy the Medan Nightlife at These 5 Nightclubs and Bars

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Indonesia is not an unexceptional place for those who enjoy the nightlife, and Medan is one of the best places to enjoy it. From jazzy nightclubs to glowing bars, you will get a vast range of options to enjoy the nightlife in Medan. Here are 5 nightclubs and bars that you can go to witness a magnificent Medan nightlife.

  1. Medan Club

This one is for all those intrigued in a house in a wine jar or a drink. Therefore, you can see in here cheap and affordable wine or beer to spend your night in Medan. You can spend your time until 11:30 pm and after that maybe head to another location. The place is situated in Medan Polonia region.

  1. Music Temple

Music Temple is among the best clubs in Medan. The name appears at the top list when you search for nightclubs and bars in Indonesia. The club is situated in Grand Aston Hotel.  The scintillating music, the softer seat arrangement, the bar, the club has so much fantastic ambiance to please you, that each vacation you’d want to invest one of your nights at this club that is occurring.

  1. Retrospective Entertainment

Retrospective Entertainment is another fantastic club and bar in Medan. The best thing about this club is the live music. Other than that, the timings are perfect to match your mood until the wee hours. The dancing environment with guest and unique DJs at weekends, which will pump up your mood. One thing to note is that this club is more expensive than the other ones. But the high price will be worth it once you experience the greatness of the club.

  1. Tobasa Club

Tobasa club is an underground club. It will get you the feel of being in the underworld. The menu is excellent, and amidst the dark ambiance, so you’ll get to feel the time during the night, even in a closed space.

  1. Prime Bar

This bar is excellent for wine and beer lovers. The place plays live music, so while you’re in your mood to drink and get a sip or two, the live music will enhance your mood. With all the co-drinkers around, the atmosphere is all happy and cheerful. You can also loosen out all of your worries in there.



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