Enjoy These Local Noodle Dishes at Medan

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Who doesn’t love noodle? In Medan, there are a lot of local dishes that are from noodle. If you are curious, here are some local noodle dishes from Medan that you should try when visiting the city.

Mie Ayam Waringin

Mie Ayam Waringin is homemade noodles with shredded veggies and chicken. The demonstration may seem very easy; together with shredded boiled chicken and some vegetables but its beauty lies in the flavor. It is a simple dish with homemade noodles which might be appropriate after a morning exercise.

Mie Bagan

Among things which makes Mie Bagan distinct from the other noodle eateries is the fact that it is allegedly eaten (from the Bagan individuals ) only by using vinegar and chopped Chili free of soup. Obviously, they’ll still offer you the soup so that it’s optional if you would like to try the Bagan way or the conventional method of pouring the soup into your noodle bowl.

Mie Hokkien Amei

Since its establishment in 1989, Mie Hokkien Amie is preserving the original oriental flavor. Mie Hokkien Amie, which is also known as Mie Lebong, is similar to spaghetti in its own yellowish color and thicker consistency than many noodles in Indonesia. A tip for you: the best thing in the bowl is the shrimp. The shrimp balls can be shrimp fishcakes or just the plain boiled entire shrimp.

Mie Pangsit Akun

An area I’d like to go to enjoy a bowl of Mie Pangsit, Akun’s noodle shop is among the best that you can find in Medan. Using a broth that is inclined to the saltier side, the soup could be rather addictive, mainly if all you want is to slurp the entire dish away!

Mie Pangsit Aon

The kitchen had been producing tasty, homemade noodles since 1967 with recipes from the owner’s grandfather. Hailing from a slough off town out Medan, this eatery is a branch from the most critical joint in Siantar. This location is clean and air-conditioned, so it is an excellent option if you want to enjoy your food in a cozy setting. Get the Kopi Susu (Latte) also if you enjoy that full and rich flavor.

Mie Tiongsim

If you’re exploring Medan, you should not miss this place. Famous throughout the city, this place serves among the best noodles in town. Since 1933, this place has made a lot of loyal customers (and still growing in number!), that speaks itself because of its authenticity.


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