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Ethereum Games are the collection of games and played on Ethereum block chain. It is kinds of a program prepared to work through the internet in a way that will not be controlled by a single entity.¬† Games help an individual to be relaxed by playing games online for enjoyment, pleasure. There are many kinds of games under Ethereum. They are –

  • Crypto kites – Its one of the most popular block chain based game. They allow their users to collect breed, purchase and also you can sell virtual cats. Every cat is unique and no one can take your cat without your permission. The developer of the game is Axiom Zen.
  • Ether online – Ether online is one of the best multiplayer online games. In this battle going on between the players. In this game monsters also play a major role in the game and you can also collect various prices, also sell them whenever you want to do.
  • Fair city – The block chain game is developed by the fair game and in which you can buy land, but building. It is a kind of makes building according to you.
  • Ether Goo – It is a game, which produces Goo, and you can increase the production. The users to spend Goo in the Barracks to attack other players in the game can use this goo.

These all games are beneficial for the users because the Ethereum program provides a platform for their users to play and earn rewards from the developers of the game. Look for your favorite crypto games today that you are interested in and start to play. Play and enjoy the unlimited fun and entertainment and a whole new online game playing experience. Hurry up! Rush now! Explore the undiscovered.


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