Get the best vaporizer pen feature reviews from weed magazine – know how

Reading weed magazine is of great interest to every smoker. It gives a perfect idea that what to buy, when to buy, dos and don’ts of smoking pot and so much more. You can get almost every detail from these magazines and can have a better idea of using marijuana.

A few months back, the smoker community raised an issue regarding rolling joints and wanted a better alternative. As they already know that the best alternative is vaporizer pen which gives one the ease of smoking. But this does not solve their purpose. Only knowing about what helps is not of utmost help; rather they should know what features to check.

In the magazine, they have come up with reviews regarding the best vaping pen and the feature a buyer should check. If you don’t have access to the magazine, get the details here.

Weed magazine review: Features to look for in a vaporizer

There is no cookie point in stating the obvious that you should always buy high-quality vaporizer after checking the reviews. This is why; here are the most important aspects that you need to check –

  • Battery

Longer the battery; better will be the use. Check for products with Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of minimum 2000 mAh or more.

  • Recharging time

Depending on the battery capacity the recharging time depends. For 2000 mAh power, it usually takes 2 hours on an average to charge 100%.

  • Design

Ergonomic sleek design with metal body and heat resistance cover as well as easy-grip design is what make a good vaporizer pen.

  • Heating chamber

Heating chamber with ceramic embedded in it makes for a superior chamber. This prevents from overheating and burning dry herb or the weed oil.

  • Temperature control

There should be an easy switch mode to control temperature. The best dab pens must have at least 3 different temperature settings.

  • Filtering method

When smoking in a conventional manner, carcinogen particles can get inside your body. This is why; these vaporizers designs have a perfect filter to reduce harmful particles and enhance the goodness of weed.

  • What are the things one can use the dab?

Dry herb, weed oil, and wax. These dab pens are mostly compatible with all three of these.

  • Cleaning method

These pens are easy to clean with the cleaning tools already there in the package.

To get all these features packed in one of the pens, the best thing to do is get the best models of vaping pen.

Recommendation for best vaping pens in weed magazine

  • PAX 3: Price – $ 275 approx.
  • Pax 2 Vaporizer: Price – $ 180 approx.
  • Atmos Astra Portable Vaporizer: Price – $120 approx.
  • Atmos Boss Portable Vaporizer: Price – $ 100 approx.
  • E-Livi8 Vaporizer: Price – $190 approx.
  • The Dipstick Vaporizer: Price – $ 190 approx.

As per the Weed Magazine review, all these have the given features and specifications. Another suggestion was if you are to buy the pen, make sure you get it from authentic online stores.

Choose best vaporizer pens and smoke well!


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