How Is Serostim HGH Used For Bodybuilding

Serostim HGH is also called as somatropin. Serostim is an injectable form of growth hormone. This drug can be purchased only through prescription. Like other growth hormone, even serostim is also created after recombinant DNA technologies. Serostim is approved by food and drug administration. It has been approved mainly for the treating cachexia. This is a condition associated with HIV and AIDS where patient suffer from muscle wasting.


Serostim and its functions are very similar to that of growth hormone which is naturally produced by the body’s pituitary gland. Similar to endogenous growth hormone which is naturally produced by body even serostim comes with 191 amino acid residues. Even when it comes to structure and sequence, there are very similar to that of endogenous growth hormone.

Serostim growth hormone is produced by using mouse cell lines. This is manufactured by the ones which have found to be modified with additional HGH gene. This is available in a vial of lyophilized powder with sterilization. Later this is reconstructed to liquid from. This is done before it is injected.

The ingredients present in Serostim injections are

  • Phosphoric acid which is present at 0.9 mg or 1.2 mg or 1.4 mg
  • Sucrose which is available at 25.3 mg 03 41 mg, or 34.2 mg
  • Somatropin which is present at 6, 5, or 4 mg

Serotonin can work as anabolic and anti catabolic agent. This has the capacity to interact only on specific cells. Majority of the effects caused by this serostim are mediated by insulin like growth factor or IGF- 1.

The studies on serostim are mainly focused on their pharmacodynamic effects mainly on physical performance, retention of nitrogen and minerals, lipids, protein metabolism, and carbohydrates. Majority of the studies involved HIV patients and they were done for very short period of time.

When used for HIV patients Serostim is usually combined with many other anti- retroviral drugs. This is mostly used for adults, pediatric, and even for geriatric patients. But there is very less information on Serostim use for children. Serostim is even used by bodybuilders, which is considered illegal.

When it comes to improving lean muscle mass and weight gain, serostim is well studied and it is declared that in these two cases it is very effective mainly in HIV patients. But when it comes to milligram strength and dosage that will be decided based on the individual’s condition.


This drug is available in two dosages. They are

  • Multiuse administration: this has been reconstructed with bactiriostatic water. This is available in 4 mg vial.
  • Single use administration: this is reconstructed with sterile water and it is available in 5 and 6 mg vials.

Dosage is mainly decided on the weight. Some of the examples are below.

    • Under 75 pounds: subcutaneous use daily and should follow a dose of 0.1 mg.
    • 75- 99 pounds: subcutaneous use daily the dosage is 4 mg.
    • 99- 121 pounds: 5 mg daily subcutaneous

  • More than 121 pounds: 6 mg is the dose. Subcutaneous daily.



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