Interactive Electronic Medical Healthcare Kiosks Are Transforming Healthcare.

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry has been transformed by modern technology. New ways of treating diseases, providing preventive care, combatting pain, healing serious injuries, and prolonging lives are being developed every day, and the end seems nowhere in sight. And one way that the daily operations of healthcare providers and their interaction with their patients has been drastically changed is with the advent of the interactive electronic kiosk for medical office.

Comprehensive, Efficient, And Safe Information Delivery

Gone are the days when a physician directory was simply a plastic board on the wall telling patients what floor their doctor’s office was located on. These days an interactive electronic kiosk for a medical office, connected to the Internet cloud, allows so much more information to be conveyed to patients and collected by healthcare providers. They can not only direct them to the right office, but list departments and specialties, inform them about building amenities such as the cafeteria, the nearest elevators and restrooms, waiting rooms, and any other information that a patient might find helpful, including any special announcements. They can even show the local weather and the latest headline news.

Building Directions And Patient Management

One problem every medical office has is patients showing up late for appointments. This disrupts the orderly flow of patient care. If the offices are located in a large building or office complex, simply getting lost trying to find their destination is one major cause of being late. A modern kiosk can give specific directions to guide patients to where they need to be, on time. Healthcare providers can also manage waiting rooms for even more efficient patient management.

Patients Rights Notices

Patients need to know what their rights are when they are in the healthcare system, and a kiosk for medical office can display this important information in many different languages.

Check-in Management

An interactive electronic kiosk for medical office can also streamline the process of patient check-in, leaving more time for healthcare personnel to handle other duties. And physicians and office staff will have access to that information immediately in a easy to access format. It’s safe and secure and easy to use.

Patient Communications

Kiosks allow patients to provide feedback through leaving comments or by completing surveys. It gives them a voice in their healthcare and provides valuable information to the office.

Healthcare Information

Kiosks are a great way to provide information on health and wellbeing to patients in a multimedia format.

A kiosk for medical office can do so much more. To find out more about how an interactive electronic kiosk for a medical office can make operations run more efficiently and effectively, contact TouchSource today at 888-464-1072 or online.


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