Intersection Car Accident: Proving Fault in Missouri

Most car accidents in Missouri are caused by distracted drivers, albeit poorly designed intersections and highways may be to blame for some collision.

Missouri Intersection Accidents

If you are involved in an intersection accident that you believe happened because you didn’t have a clear view of road signs and oncoming traffic, you may win the case in court if the judge believes that the highway department didn’t act.

A St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney may come in handy in the event of an accident at an intersection in the city or anywhere in the state. Whether you want to file an insurance claim or just want counsel on what action to take, a lawyer is a priceless asset to have following an intersection car accident that someone else is responsible for.

How common are intersection car accidents?

Motorists are more likely to cause or be involved in an accident when navigating busy intersections due to the sheer number of cars travelling in different directions. Going over lanes with oncoming vehicles passing by can easily lead to head-on collisions, rear-ends, and sideswipes.

According to the National Automotive Sampling System-General, around 40 percent of car accidents in the United States occur at intersections. Crossing collisions, in which one driver slams into another vehicle while navigating through an intersection, have been shown to be the most common type of intersection car accidents.

Determining fault

If you are driving through an intersection that does not offer a full or clear view of oncoming vehicles and the surroundings, a driver may struggle to determine when they can cross safely. Albeit traffic control systems have been installed in most intersections across Missouri to assist drivers make the right moves at the right time, there are instances where traffic devices may be deemed outdated due to the demands of the intersection.

A good example is where a four-way intersection is built to support a specific number of vehicles at a time but traffic grows immensely over a year or so and the traffic signs simply can’t accommodate the growth. In that case, it is up to the city’s governing authority to ensure traffic signs that align with traffic size are installed. If an accident occurs at the intersection due to the confusion caused by misleading signs, then the at-fault party is the governing body and the judge will likely rule in your favor.

When crash investigations show the collision had nothing to do with poor road signs, the court will have to determine the driver that had the right-of-way when the accident occurred. Here are a few ways to know you had the right-of-way:

  • You are sure you responded promptly to road signs at the intersection where the accident happened
  • You yielded to vehicles that arrived at the intersection before you and to those from your right that arrived at the intersection at the same time as you
  • If the intersection was between a one-lane or two-lane road and a multi-lane road and you were on the former, you yielded to vehicles on the bigger road

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