Is it safe to use human growth hormone in women?

We think of adding HGH only in two situations – when we want to take injections for increasing stature in kids or adolescents who are not growing as they are supposed to. The other time is while bodybuilding or in athletic fields, where people strive to increase body mass and physical appearance through using HGH injections.

Women, be it for health reasons as well as female bodybuilders don’t know much about HGH for their use. A study taken by the American Physiological Society stated that females who go through weight training for a long time tend to produce more levels of growth hormone naturally. Thus, the biological produce can lead to improving muscle tones and enhance metabolic function.

Women don’t necessarily need to take up hormone injections. But you might ask, why is it not same for men! Men rely on testosterone levels for increasing their muscle mass, while women depend on their own synthesized growth hormone for muscle and bone enhancement.

Growth in women are also important for reducing stress fractures, enhance metabolic system, resisting tissue breakdown, and more. However, if some women do have problems in hormone level might take safe and legal synthetic versions of the drug.

Can women lose weight with HGH?

A lot of women have turned to HGH for losing weight. Most people take it in a therapeutic manner for treating their deficiencies or their pituitary gland malfunction. However, studies have shown that women, who is relative healthy doesn’t have to rely on anything other than her own body. This means lifestyle changes, exercising, following a nutritious diet, and more.

The HGH levels in women are usually at its peak, but by the late teens and early 20s, the level starts dropping. However, the growth hormone release by pituitary gland can maintain a great targeted weight.

Women start having a ‘middle-age spread’, between their stomach and upper thighs, and that commonly changes the level in the body. This happens during menopause and causes progesterone (lowering level of estrogen).

If you consider therapy for addressing weight increase, as we talking about middle age, we also need to know and the good and bad effects of the therapy recommended by a physician. You need to figure this out as you shouldn’t have an extreme increase of the drug in your body.

Effects of HGH in Women as they age

Having the right levels of HGH will be beneficial for women when they age. Natural supplement taken under guidance can reduce risks of osteoporosis. It can also improve the ratio of fat to muscle, balance the hormonal level, and also maintain healthier skin condition.

Women are still to take care with their HGH indulgence. Your age, weight, health condition, and more considering factors, would determine the level of good or bad effect. Ordinary women as well as female bodybuilders must be careful about their indulgences. Any wrong move can move them a step back from having a better health.

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