Keto Diet: Facts, Culture And Health Benefits

The ketogenic diet is a meal plan to promote fat as the main ingredient in a diet, leaving room for some protein and especially very little carbohydrate.

The fuel of the body comes first from carbohydrates, then lipids, and finally proteins. This keto diet is mostly inspired by fasting to force the body to draw energy from our fat reserves. As part of a ketone diet, you significantly reduce your carbohydrate consumption. The intake of fat is increased to prevent muscle wasting (if the body drew in proteins there would be a catabolic effect with risk of muscle atrophy) and promote ketosis. In ketosis, the metabolism uses ketone bodies for its energy needs instead of glucose.

Ketones are created from fatty acids. It is a more stable and great energy source than glucose, derived from carbohydrates. You go into ketosis after 3 to 7 days, when you consume less than 30 grams of sugar a day.

The Ketogenic Diet, A Cultural Diet

It is interesting to note that the ketogenic diet is neither more nor less than the daily and old food habits of certain peoples, still perpetuated today by the Inuit, the Masai or some Native American tribes.

The Benefits Of  The Ketogenic Diet For Health

The ketogenic diet has demonstrated its effects on weight loss. But we talk a lot about this food solution in the context of certain chronic diseases. According to several studies, keto diet Bangalore reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc. With ketones, the body would deliver energy to healthy cells and neurons, helping fight diseases like cancer for the first and Alzheimer’s for the second.

It seems that healthy cells eat mainly fats, while cancer cells eat more easily sugars, including complex sugars (among which we find glycogen). By depriving them of their energy and boosting healthy ones, the high-fat, low-glucose diet would help the body defend itself. After a period of adaptation to changing diets, cravings disappear. Blood sugar levels will improve and you will start feeling a real improvement in your physical condition.

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