Know what Non Prescription Drugs are and how they can be Disposed


Over the counter drugs or non prescription drugs are the medications that you can buy without showing a doctor’s prescription to the online pharmacist. The safety level of these drugs varies because they have the ability to interact with other medicines resulting in serious health problems.

Common Non Prescription Drugs

Pain relievers and cold allergy medicines are the common non prescription drugs. Nicorette Gum and Nicotine Lozenges are two non prescription drugs that put an end to one’s smoking habit working effectively in the nicotine therapy. You can also buy several laxatives like Senokot are used to treat constipation from an online pharmacy.


Things to Keep in Mind before Buying

You can consult with a local pharmacist or the professional of Canadian pharmacy online for getting a better understanding of how safe the drug is for your health. Always read the ingredients and instructions of the medicine to know whether you are allergic to any of these medicines.

Especially, if you are pregnant or giving the medicine to a young baby or an infant, seek medical help to avert any further health complications. It is to note that there are non prescription drugs available in the market that may not be apt for your situation.

How to Dispose of Non Prescription Drugs

There may be various reasons why you need to dispose of the non prescription drugs and the expiration date is one of them. And the animal can suffer at a large if proper disposal method is not followed. At first, you need to search whether there is any waste disposal place in your locality.

The pharmacies often initiate drug take back program and you can return the medicine there. Throwing safely is one of the debatable ideas that will raise concern for animals. But you should never flush the medicine down the sink or toilet.

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