Know Which is the Ideal Size for Your ID Card

When it comes to organizations, it is always important for the owners to provide identity cards to the employees or students for safe and secure. However, this could be the main thing where each and every small to big organizations following for many years. In case, if you are looking for starting your new organization, then it is essential for you to find the keys for making ID cards and deliver it to respective people in a possible way.

One should keep it in mind that what are all the things mainly required in terms of making an ID card. Apart from adding features to the ID card for better security, it is also important to focus on the outlook and how the people are going to carry throughout the working hours. At this stage, the size of the ID card plays a crucial role when it comes to making. Before involved in the making of ID cards, it is essential for you to find that what could be the ideal size it requires and suitable. So, this could be the main thing that you should follow before making an ID card.

Once the ideal size of an ID card is fixed, then it is essential for you to find the suitable lanyards for an ID card to carry. If you are looking for best lanyards to use, then you can choose over novelty lanyards at any time. On the other side, one should know about the ideal size of ID card before getting into making and select the respective ID card printer for future process. Here we are going to discuss that which is the ideal size of an ID card.

Different sizes of ID card

When it comes to designing or buying any of the badge accessories, it is always important for you to find the size of an ID card. So, people who aren’t aware of an ID card size should know that three primary ID card sizes are available to choose at any time.

CR80 size: For your information, this is considered to be one of the most popular ID card sizes to choose from. It is the size which is the same and similar to the credit card. Also, it will be helpful for organizations to carry with this ideal sized ID card. Moreover, this is the ID card size where millions of people using across the globe for its compact size and easy to carry with the help of novelty lanyards. However, you can also find the suitable ID card printer to print your ID card easily.

C100 size: If you aren’t aware of C100, then this could be around 50% of larger size than the usual carrying ID card. Also, this kind of large size card is mainly called as an oversized card or military card. When it comes to visibility, this is the right card for you to choose where anyone can have a look even from long distance. One should keep it in mind that the very few printers have the potential to make such cards for the people.

C79 size: This card is a bit smaller than the standard ID card size where it also has an adhesive back which is commonly used for the clamshell proximity card. For your information, this kind of cards will not be suitable for all the printers. However, it needs time to find suitable printers for this size ID card.

These are the different sized ID cards where you can choose it as per your convenience. The thing is it is always essential for you to select the ideal ID card size for your organization. Hope the above mentioned size of ID cards will be helpful to get some idea before getting involved overprinting ID cards for your organization.

No matter what all the features that your ID card needs are, it is always important to focus mainly on choosing the right size of an ID card. As per the size, it is essential for you to choose the right and suitable novelty lanyards for your ID card. This is how the organization should plan the suitable size of ID card before going to print and deliver to the people.

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