Mirrorless camera makes photography easy

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A mirrorless camera does not require a reflex mirror. The reflex mirror is used to reflect the light to the optical viewfinder. However, there is no such concept optical viewfinder in the mirrorless camera. The image sensor is directly exposed to the light giving the photographer a preview of the image. Mirrorless camera is smaller in size and can be carried easily. It is a camera where the lens can be replaced when required. A mirrorless camera has almost all the components of a DSLR camera except for a reflex mirror. https://skylum.com/blog/best-mirrorless-cameras this link provides the details about the mirrorless camera.

Advantages of using a mirrorless camera


  • Size: Earlier the camera was bigger in size and heavy. However, with development in technology camera have also evolved. A mirrorless camera is smaller in size as the reflex mirror is eliminated and has lenses of the size of the sensor.
  • Autofocus: It is one of the most important benefits that a mirrorless camera offers. These cameras use the imaging sensor to assess focus. This allows you to take accurate and consistent pictures.
  • Video: As there is no mirror blocking the sensor in a mirrorless camera you are not needed to change the way a camera works for shooting video. You can directly switch from stills to the video recorder.


Things to be noted when selecting a mirrorless camera


  • Preview images: A mirrorless camera shows the preview of the picture on-screen. It helps you to get the perfect shot of the subject without any chaos. The preview gives you a look that the final image will have.
  • Shooting speed: Both DSLR and mirrorless camera have faster shutter speed. But with the lack of a mirror, mirrorless cameras have the edge over DSLR cameras as they are easier for clicking image after image.
  • Lenses: While selecting a mirrorless camera see the type of lenses and accessories do they provide with a camera.



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