Nandrolone Decanoate: Benefits and Side Effects to Look Out

Nandrolone decanoate is the generic name of the popular steroid that is known as Deca Durabolin (or Deca). It is one of the most popular steroids present in the market that leads to enhancement in the muscles of the body. It is due to this effect that many people like bodybuilders and fitness fanatics prefer to use it. It gives them the desired physique without spending innumerable hours exercising in the gym.  It is important for a person to understand the different effects of the steroid to get the best out of it.

 Nandrolone decanoate                                                                      

Nandrolone is closely similar to the testosterone hormone that is predominantly classified as a male hormone. The difference in the structure of the steroid and the natural hormone is the absence of carbon at the 19th position and that is what increases the resistance of the steroid to degradation and increases the anabolic effect. The presence of a decanoate group side chain adds the stability to the group and allows slow degradation of the steroid in the body leading to better development of the muscles in the body. It is due to this reason that lower dosage of the steroid can still effectively lead to better muscle gains. It is important to understand that Deca is used in the treatment of some medical conditions that include osteoporosis and anaemia. The effect of the use of the steroid is less mainly due to the low estrogenic property of the same. Careful use of anabolic is essential to prevent erectile dysfunction from Nandrolone use.

The favourable effects of steroid use

The use of Deca leads to more muscle mass and the peak effect can be seen as early as 24-48 hours after administration. A lower effect at constant level is maintained up to 2-3 weeks of use.. Deca has been classified as a group that can promote gynecomastia in the body. In fact the increased trouble of the anabolic use is probably due to the progesterone activity. The synthetic anabolic can trigger the activation of the testosterone hormone in the body in the same way as the natural hormone. This impacts the body by increasing the protein synthesis and the nitrogen retention of the body at large.

Side effect of the Deca Durabolin use

One of the side effects of nandrolone use is that it sometimes can lead to changes in the body. It might have a temporary effect which disappears after the end of the cycle or lead to permanent problems at large.  Many people have reported erectile dysfunction from Nandrolone use.  It can also lead to the acne formation and the loss of hair.  The use of Deca can lead to increased chances to developing liver toxicity.  Deca is a testosterone supplement that suppresses the level of the natural testosterone level in the body. The maintenance of the normal level can be done by incorporation of testosterone supplement in a cycle. Care should be taken to use the optimum doses to prevent the negative impact on the body.

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