Oral Clen Benefits-Side Effects And Oral Clen 50mcg

Oral Clenbuteril is used for treating people for asthma. Later this drug was used by people as they saw that the fat tissues dropped and helped in weight loss. This made the drug popular. It also help a person in toning and achieve lean body.

Benefits and Side effects

Clen can be purchased legally without any problems, unless its for medical use. It is really important that the person understands about the dosage, cycles and how to maintain the lifestyle and this helps a person in not facing serious side effects. Once the supplement is taken by the body, it works in its way in the blood. When the Beta-2 receptors get in contact with the Clen, there will be raise in the temperature. This will increase the metabolic rate of the body. With this more stored fat is burnt. The energy consumption is more from fat when pills are used than during the regular exercise. So, when a person uses supplement, they tend to be at their current weight or they increase the muscle mass.

Any supplement will lead to side effects. The use of this supplement can lead to nausea, nervousness and increase in appetite. People with cardiac history should not use Clen. This will increase their blood pressure and will lead to other cardiac issues. Check out the clen-50 mcg side effects here.


Oral Clen dosage can vary from person to person. The dosage and cycle are important and one need to monitor as well as follow it carefully. If a person is not used to any supplement, he need to start it at small amounts and this helps in preventing the side effects and other implications. The common dosage is 20mcg and for few people using 50mcg leads to side effects.  Though the amount is small, it helps a person get used to the supplement. Later the dosage can be increased from 20mcg to 40mcg and then 50mcg if required and when the person is sustainable. Few people use higher doses too. The labels come with instructions which are safe to follow. The dosage must be followed with proper cycles and this helps the body not facing the side effects. The usage of Oral Clen is related more to mental connection rather than physical. But using Clen in proper and correct cycles is needed

Oral Clen 50mcg

Clen is used for dropping weight before the competitions or events. This supplement is not safe for longer use. So, it must be used in set of cycles. There are three cycles and the results vary person to person. Starters must use in for two weeks on and off at starting dose of 20mcg. Then they can increase the dose to 30-40mcg and then continue it for months. The second method is using it for two days on and off. This is not preferred as the body does not get proper recovery. The third method is using the Clen for continuous period and then slow it down over the time. One must not use clen for more than three months and it can lead to severe side effects.

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