OxandroloneSide Effects and Causes

Steroids and HGH have become very popular for daily use and benefits. The reasons why the users have started using these drugs have become very common. Earlier days where these drugs are used only for the medical purpose has gone. Even commoners now use steroids for their daily benefits. These drugs are used for weight loss, weight gain, strength, stamina and much another purpose. Since many users have started using for non-medical purpose, getting subscribed for prescription has become very difficult. So the users nowadays have started taking drugs on their own this has caused much more complications.

Hair loss in Anavar cycle – is it true?

Anavar is one of the popular drugs used in medical as well as non-medical fields for many purposes. Intake of Anavar regularly in the correct ratio gives users required benefits. Many steroids on regular usage will have all possible side effects. This is due to the fact that the natural balance in the human system gets disturbed and once stopped cannot be restored or got back. Due to this sudden change in the human hormone cycle, there could be hormonal imbalance and damage to several human parts. Steroids may cause suppression of testosterone levels and may be harsh on the liver too.  Many steroids will be stacked with other steroids to balance the hormone levels. Normally, Anavar will be stacked up with testosterone, Dianabol or Deca or possibly with any other hormone growth drugs.  One major side effect reported is hair loss on Oxandrolone cycle. But major studies reveal this may not be the case always if the user balances Anavar properly. It is imperative to use this drug with proper prescription and user should not take this drug lightly as it is considered mild.

Anavar – popular cycles and issues

Almost all the steroids are taken in cycles and in prescribed dosages. The popular cycle for Anavar is 2 weeks cycle. In this cycle, the user takes Anavar starting with very mild dosage like 10mg per day. This continues with the increase in the dosage for a week. After a week, the dosage is stopped. A resting period of one week is observed. In this period, the user will have to note how the body reacts to the drug. Once this period is over and if there are no reported issues then the user can continue the cycle for remaining one week and again take a rest for one week. Then the normal dosage can be continued will maximum limit is reached. This cycle enables users to take anavar in a controlled cycle. Caution will have to be exercised to see that this drug is not stacked with any other medicines or drugs so there is no breach.

Reviews of oxandrolone for bulking

Many reviews suggest there is no hair loss on Oxandrolone cycle is not very evident and not a compulsion on everyone. Users when following the cycle properly without any issues this drug can be very useful. Hence users should be very cautious and make good use of this drug that has fewer side effects and more positive impact on the body.

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