Resize your photos with comprising on the quality

Clicking pictures have become part of our daily life. It is not necessary that we click professional pictures, any random thing that catches our attention we automatically work in taking a picture. Many times the pictures that we click do not have the high quality, and if we resize them, they are likely to get blurred. Resizing of photos without losing quality can be achieved through editing programs. will help you in understanding the process of resizing of the image.

Reasons for making the picture bigger

  • For better quality: Many times when a photographer clicks picture they tend to take wide angle shots. Where the main subject gets out of focus. The image resizing helps to make the pictures bigger with better quality.
  • Specific image size: In today’s digital world everything has become digital. There are times when you are required to upload a picture but with specific size. Resizing helps to achieve the required size of the image.
  • For printing: Pictures that are smaller in size tend to lose their quality after printing. Resizing the photo in a bigger size helps to retain the quality of the image even after printing.

Programs that help you to resize a photo

  • Image optimizer: It is a free online program that allows the user to compress, optimize and resize the photo. The resized pictures can be used for uploading at various sites. The quality of the picture remains the same.
  • Punypng: It is another online program used widely by photographers. It is also available free of cost. It gives the user control over the compression. The quality of the image remains intact.
  • Photo enlarger: This one is also a free online service. You just need to upload the photo that needs to be resized. It has 4 enlargement options that can be used. The end result will be of high quality.

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