Safe and Proven Dosages for Women using Oxandrolone

Anyone has wondered how a male steroid can help women develop their muscle? Yes, the hormonal oral form of the drug, Oxandrolone is a mild Androgenic Anabolic Steroid, especially meant for women. Since the chemical compound is mild in nature, it doesn’t bring in all the specific hormonal effect of men to women, only some desired functions like muscle development and muscle toning. Also, it helps in bringing down the fat around the waist, thereby giving a less body weight. In essence, it is helpful for female bodybuilders and athletes, to bring the shape and cuts of a male bodybuilder minus the side effects.

Growth effects of Oxandrolone

Originally the drug was intended to be used medically for people with short height, Turner syndrome, weight loss from catabolism, severe burns, surgical trauma, etc. Some other ailments include muscle wasting from HIV/AIDS and alcohol induced hepatitis. The drug helps these patients to recover from these illnesses by boosting the hormonal system to develop and grow healthier tissues and bone. One has to understand that this drug alone will do wonders for the growth effect. It has to be prescribed with some other additional medicines for full effect. If one follows the recommended Dosages for Women using Oxandrolone, the ‘growth factor’ alone will suffice bodybuilders and athletes to boost their workout regime to bring in faster results. This is a better and safe drug than the one’s prescribed for men to achieve the similar kinds of growth.

Side Effects to Consider

Since this is an Androgenic Anabolic steroid, it has some peculiar effects on women. It may bring in some mal-like qualities if one doesn’t follow the dosages for women. Androgen is a male hormone and hence its inadvertent effect on women is inevitable. Women who take Oxandrolone may experience some mild side effects like headaches, nausea or vomiting or sexual desire, either increased or decreased. The serious ones may be like onset of snoring, sleep disorders, extreme mood changes and in rare cases virility and acne. Hair loss like that occurring in men may also be a cause for concern.

Dosage and Safe Usage

Even though the drug is milder than the ones prescribed for men, it is still a steroid in nature and effects. It may bring in some mild side effects if one doesn’t adhere to the dosage. A safe dosage for women athlete or bodybuilder is 10mg per day for six weeks, the full course. Beyond six weeks it is not recommended as the full effect of the drug is achieved in this period and usage beyond this period is just an overkill without any tangible benefits. If one is slightly hurried for results, then one can go up to 20mg per day but not any higher. Even the 20mg per day should be split intotwo sessions like morning and evening as the half-life of the drug is about eight to nine hours. This should suffice for better results. If one follows the safe and recommended Dosages for Women using Oxandrolone, the side effects should be minimal and controllable. It is also a safe practice not to stop the drug immediately even if the final result is achieved, rather reduce the dosage step by step so that sudden and withdrawal symptoms do not pose an issue. Consult a medical practitioner in case of need without fail if any serious side effects are noted.

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