The Elvenir Results to Swear By

The dietary aid of Elvenir was produced in the Laboratorios Recalcine, Chile. You will need a doctor’s prescription to use this. Products which are offered without prescription can be false. This drug is a Spanish form of Phentermine, which is originally produced in the U.S.

There are several brands that sell this form of Phentermine out of the U.S., and Sentis from Laboratorio Chile is an easy example. The active ingredient of Elvenir sustains 37.5 mg of the phentermine hydrochloride.

Results of Elvenir

There are not fixed or similar results for Elvenir usage. However, most of them are on the positive end. Most reviews of Elvenir are found in the phentermine forums and are related with more drugs like Adipex. Even with variant reviews, you are sure to get good results if you accompany the product with exercise and diet.

Doctors would probably give you a maximum of 12 weeks for Elvenir or Sentis consumption, and your results could either be dramatic or little. The reviews are mostly positive because of the main ingredient of phentermine. Stick to the right dietary requirement and exercise regimen for excelling the usage.

Side effects

Phentermine closely related to amphetamine and there are numerous side effects to this. Irrespective of the name, the products sold under Elvenir or Sentis, and are quite similar to each other. The product can have various intensities that vary with consumers.

 There are some dangerous Elvenir compared to other phentermine drugs, which require prescriptions to know how much risk it is to the patients. Side effects of Elvenir are hyperactivity, dizziness, tremors and headaches. Some rarer ones are having a dry mouth, diarrhea, constipation and stomach ache. Some people can have impotency or reduced sexual drive. There are risks of the rebound effect, and doctors have to stay at the back of you.

Symptoms that indicate Elvenir Allergic Reactions

Elvenir leads to allergic reactions and some are severe when not treated immediately. Some reactions like chest tightness, wheezing, problematic breathing, swelling, hives, throat, tongue, face or lips, are common too. Sufferers need immediate medical aid for such conditions.

Serious Side Effects

After the common and treatable side effects, we also have to note the serious disorders from Elvenir. The drug can lead you shortness of breath with regular activities, swelling in feet and ankles, chest ache, and more.

Some peculiar mental problems like confusion, irritability, abnormal blood pressure (high), weird behavior and thoughts. Never mix the supplement with alcohol as it can cause severe damage.


Many people don’t opt for the Elvenir as they already have medical conditions to treat. The contractions are solely about the pre-existing conditions, for example breastfeeding, pregnancy, etc. There can be more contractions like chronic heart failure, mental disorders, diabetes, kidney disease and alcohol abuse.

There are reasons like hyperthyroidism, heart attacks and high blood pressure conditions that could stop your doctor from prescribing Elvenir to you. Make sure you have an in-depth medical checkup and medical history recorded for best assistance!

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