The Essential Items Every Purse Needs

A woman’s purse can be her magic bag full of wonder, mystery, and surprises. Some people claim that you have too much in your purse, but you’re just trying to be prepared. You never know what emergency might occur on the go. Therefore, your bag needs to be ready for anything.

But..have you ever stopped to wonder if your bag really does need that? If so, here’s

First Aid Kit

This one is obvious. If someone needs a band aid, you got them. If they need an aspirin, two thumbs ups, because you’re ready for those small scrapes and bruises.

Hand Sanitizer

The world is full of lurking germs. Use your hand sanitizer before and after touching just about everything. Pick up a few bottles of small hand sanitizer at the dollar store. Have it tucked away in your purse ready at any moment.

Feminine Products

Whatever your preferred method of staying dry, add a few tampons or pads to your purse. You never know what aunt flow has in store. She may make an early entrance.

Extra Deodorant

Dove is our trusted brand, so I would add a small version to my purse. Dove is one of the many retailers partnered with Groupon, so you can save money and buy more to store for later. Just enter a Dove coupon, and enjoy your cheaper deodorant.

Tissues or Napkins

For those unexpected spills, keep napkins or small packs of tissue in your purse.

Safety and Bobby Pins

Safety pins will keep your clothes in place, while bobby pins keep your hair up there.

Emergency Hair Kit

Get a small case or pouch. In it, place a small brush or comb, your bobby pins, hair ties, and a small bottle of hair moisturizer.


Like with your hair kit, get a pouch and fill it with 1 or 2 lipsticks, gloss, mascara, foundation, and nail polish. You can add or remove items as needed. Just make sure to not overfill the bag, because then it’ll take up all the room in your purse.


Carry a few dollars, no more than $50, in your purse. This will stop you from unconsciously spending. If you set a goal to keep the entire amount in your purse by the end of the week, you can challenge yourself to save more and spend less.


I.Ds are important for identification purposes, but also one of the few cards you actually need to carry everywhere. Leave most of your cards at home. Only bring I.D, 1 credit card, and 1 debit card

Breath Mints or Gum

Another item you’ll need in case of emergencies. You never know when you need to impress someone with your fresh breath. Keep a pack or two in your purse at all times.


Carry two chargers around: a wall charger and portable one.

Lotion and Sunscreen

Be ready to take on the harsh weather, whether winter or summer, with body moisturizer. Keeping both sunscreen and lotion to nourish and protect your body.


Women have to eat, so why not keep a light snack for those times where hunger strikes you. Pack a light snack like a granola bar, apple slices, a protein pack, or some nuts.

Water Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated with a full water bottle sitting in your purse ready for the taking.

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