Top 3 reasons why kids should go offline

Today’s kids are growing up in a digital world where the analogue ways of life are slowly becoming a novelty. Screen time accounts for more than three hours of a child’s day and this is having a variety of negative effects.

Although screen time may be the easy entertainment option for children, here are the top three benefits to regularly unplugging your kids:

1). Increased focus and development

Research has shown children tend to be more receptive to a multitude of things as their screen time reduces. There have been links made between reduced screen time and improved grades due to an increased attention span and better focus in school.

Kids are very stimulated by their senses and by having more offline interactions, it also helps increase their socialisation skills. Encouraging children to get offline and spend more time with friends and family would help them learn how to be ‘present’, better engaging with other people and their environment.

2). Decreased risk of physical problems  

There have been numerous physical benefits attributed to less screen time. Childhood Obesity is a big issue for children and increased screen time is a contributing factor. Studies show children with reduced screen time focus more on physical activities and are subsequently at a significantly lower risk of Obesity. Reduced screen time for children puts them at lower risk of developing significant health issues later in life, like Heart Disease or Type 2 Diabetes.

3). A good night’s sleep  

According to the home doctor experts at House Call Doctor, reduced screen time allows for a better sleeping routine, which is vital in development for growing children. The blue light emitted from most apps on screens are highly disruptive at night, which is when most kids use technology to unwind.

The blue light suppresses melatonin, the sleep chemical, in kids’ brains which then doesn’t allow them to get the rest they need. Reducing screen time, especially at night, could go a long way to ensure your child is well-rested and at a low risk of health problems such as eye strains, headache and other diseases.


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