Ubud Village Jazz Festival in 2017

Ubud Village Jazz Festival is an annual Jazz concert in Ubud, Bali. This music festival is situated in Ubud that has artistic surrounding and make the festival more attractive. The founders of this festival are Yuri Mahatma, Underground Jazz Movement founder and Anom Darsana, the owner of ANTIDA Music Production. If you are visiting Ubud Bali you can come and see this music festival for your alternative entertainment. The festival will be very interesting where you can enjoy anything about Jazz here. If you want to visit this festival, you have to come in the right date when the festival is held. You can check the schedule of this event before and make sure that you come in the right time. In this festival, you can enjoy the concert from jazz musician and enjoy other facilities during the event. The musicians that perform in this concert are from many nationalists so that it would be very interesting.

In this 2017, this festival will be held again and you should not miss the event and get the best vacation experience when visiting Bali. Ubud Jazz Festival 2017 will be held in the middle of August and it will be held in two days. Before visiting this festival, you can first book tickets for you and your family to enjoy the beauty and artistic of Ubud with this festival. This even can be enjoyed for any ages so that it will be perfect vacation for your family. There is not only a music concert that will be showcased. You can find your favorite jazz musician performs on the stage and you must enjoy it. There are many musicians that will perform their best performance and give you the best entertainment during your holiday. The festival is located in ARMA museum (Agung Rai Museum of Art). You should not miss this event that will make your vacation becomes the most attractive vacation you have.

You can enjoy Bali Jazz Festival 2017 and see the performance of both local and foreign jazz musicians. In the previous event, there is not only music concert that is performed. There are also dancing, music group, food festival and many more. Well, spending your vacation in Ubud Jazz festival is a great idea. You can spend your two days to enjoy this Ubud Jazz festival and enjoy the musician that play jazz music. The artistic surrounding of Ubud becomes very comfortable and perfect nuance to enjoy the jazz music performance. You will get the most attractive and unforgettable vacation visiting this jazz festival. Save the date for this most attractive event in Ubud Bali. This 2017 Ubud Jazz festival will be held in two days and do not miss it. It starts from Friday to Saturday on August 11th to 12th. There will be different performers in each day so that you have to keep up to date to know detailed performance in the official website of Ubud Village Jazz Festival and enjoy your weekend with Jazz music performance.

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