What to expect if you do not change your oil

Many people grew up knowing that they should change oil every 3000 miles and you probably religious change your oil when its time. Not many people stop to question why and what would happen to the car if you missed one oil change. Before you go experimenting, read below to know exactly what happens if you skip an oil change near me.
Just as blood is to your body so is oil in a car engine. Oil is an essential lubricant in the engine. It stops metal parts from rubbing against each other. The engine will then start overheating.

Below is what happens to your engine if you do not change your oil.
Dirt buildup
As metals rub against each other friction will be continuous leading to build up of dirt, soot and metal particles. The filter will remove the dirt for some time but eventually the filter will clog. The dirt particles will then pass through the clogged filter. Dirty oil will become abrasive and contribute to the accelerated wear and tear of the engine. There is also a chance that the filter will become so clogged that it does not allow oil to get to the engine.

Fuel additives wear out
Fuel especially the synthetic version contains many additives that help in reduce friction, inhibits corrosions and antifoaming. When this happens the oil cannot function as it is supposed to. The viscosity modifier of the fuel will also break down.

The engine start making loud noises
As the oil collects particles, it becomes heavy. The heavy oil cannot easily flow between the moving parts of the engine. The loud noises you will here is metal parts rubbing against each other. The engine will be seriously damaged due to the friction. As a result of the damage, the engine will have reduced compression. If this does happen the engine will lose power and there are chances it will not start. You will then have to replace the engine which could be expensive.

Now that you know what happens if you do not change the oil, you understand why you need to change your oil on a regular basis. The experts encourage car owners to follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. The idea that oil should be changed every 3000 miles is an outdated concept. With synthetic oil, you can drive up to 12000 miles without changing the oil. The best thing is to follow advice from a trusted mechanic before looking for oil change near me service providers.

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